Creating an IT Support Ticket.

Login using your regular user account (as computer/email).

Please read this before creating a ticket.

Gather the following information before entering a support ticket:

  • Include the asset tag barcode ##### of the computer that requires support. It is a sticker located on the chassis of a desktop computer or on the bottom of a laptop.
  • Symptoms of the problem as best you can describe. (ie: No power to device, Message stating "No logon server available", Will not connect to the wireless network, etc.)
  • Location of the problem. Please state the actual room number a device (Desktop, Projector, Printer, etc) is located in.

Creating a ticket:

  • Select a Help Topic first.
  • Summary: Enter short description as name for the ticket (Audio not working, Cannot print, etc)
  • Details: Enter full detailed description of the problem.
  • Ready for pickup in the office: Set to "Yes" if device is ready in the office to be picked up. If sending in a laptop or tablet, please send corresponding power adapter with it.

Fill out all information before submitting the request.